What I’m About

There are two things in life that affect your body’s – what you put in it and what do to it, but it isn’t always easy to effectively and safely channel these two aspects of a healthy and beauty-filled lifestyle and achieve the results we all want. With companies selling you different products and techniques, most of which usually cost more than your budget can stretch to, health is usually just pushed to the side to make way for fast, short-lived and, at times,  fake, alternatives.

As a fad experimenter, make-up tester, and gym lover, I have tried so many of the ways of making healthier living, and beautification, easier and more affordable. I’ve worked as a makeup artist at a beauty counter, I know how to look after skin, I know how to apply makeup and some of the best brands and I’ve tried so much makeup you wouldn’t believe and I’m still trying it along with a fierce gym addiction but a real-world budget. All I want to give is what I would expect to be given in return, but find it so hard to come by when it comes to beauty trends and techniques – THE TRUTH.

Not everyone has the means to try a 20 quid face cream and simply move on to the next 25 quid one when it turns out the first one was a flop. And no matter how many gym selfies we take, the truth is (and be completely honest with yourself) most of us don’t gym the way we would like to, as hard as we would like to, and most certainly not as often.

This site is here to help – if not put all of those issues to rest- then at least help you get where you want to be, health-wise and beauty wise, in a way that is both affordable and realistic.

And don’t worry, I’ve been there, I’ve done it – I know the struggle is real.

Find me on Instagram at : z.london.belle





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