Best uses of the Rose Plant on the Skin

The rose plant is one of the most useful plants after Aloe Vera. It adds a different flavour to food and drinks and works wonder for the skin. And there is no skin type, oily, dry or otherwise that won’t benefit from the properties of the Rose plant.

Anything with Rose in it is almost always guaranteed to be good for sensitive skin so if you do have skin that’s even a little bit sensitive, or even non-sensitive skin that has developed a rash or an irritation, having rose products on hand is always a good idea.

But the problem with Rose products is that they can be a little expensive, so if you do get the chance to buy a some there are a few types of products that are more worth the money than others. These are the ones I chose.

A wash

Since my skin is sensitive but Combo I do like things like witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil. But in the mornings I don’t find it helpful to continue using these products that I use at night. Rather, it makes more sense to use something soothing after a night of anti-bacterialising. What is really good, aside from an Aloe wash is using a rose facial wash in the morning, especially on irritated skin to calm it and clean it gently.

Neal’s Yard’s Rose wash is really good for this because it doesn’t foam so it doesn’t suck all of the oil and moisture out of your skin to clean it, which if your skin is already irritated, you will need it to heal your skin.

You can use it day or night, though I prefer to use it in the morning only to calm the skin after the cleaning from the night before. I find it leaves the skin smoother and a little softer and any irritation has down a little. It’s not cheap at £17 so use it sparingly one bead on each cheek is enough.

rose wash

A Toner

Toner is one of the most important weapons in your arsenal against any sort of skin problem. Oily skin, get an astringent to tighten pores, for dry skin use a hydrating toner and for irritated skin Rose water. It hydrates, soothes and calms inflammation after washing the skin and brings down any redness and itchiness. You can use rose water, Al- Junaina’s is really good because it’s pure rose water and comes in a cute spray bottle that allows you to easily spritz your face at will when ever it gets dry or irritated. The other option is Rose essence, which is usually cheaper and you can get it for three pounds at the hair store.

rose water.jpeg

A Night Cream

As I always say Night time is when your skin rejuvenates itself. So what you do to your skin at determines how your skin will look and cope for the rest of the day. If you are suffering from irritation, Rose creams are good because they tend not to be too greasy for oily skin won’t become overly saturated by using it and it will calm and heal the skin over night for brighter, smoother and overall less inflamed skin when you wake up. For this, I use the Essano Rosehip night cream which uses the Rosehip (fruit of the Rose plant). It’s  non- greasy, yet still moisturising, soft, cooling and calming cream which soothes irritated skin and promotes cell rejuvenation. You can use either the regular night cream or the collagen cream. And remember it’s never too early to start using collagen enhancing creams so don’t shy away from them.



Eye Cream

Your eyes go through so much, so obviously, when they rest they heal so a good eye cream is essential. Given the healing rejuvenating nature of the rose plant, Essano’s eye cream is a good option. I’ve never had much luck with eye creams so I was surprised by this one. The puffiness around my eyes was surprisingly reduced even after a long night more so than with any other cream and it made my make up look considerably more flawless after using every night. The eye cream and night cream were the first Essano products I’ve ever owned, both from T.K Maxx so they were considerably reduced in price, but Amazon sells them for under twelve pounds. I would recommend giving them a try and I will definitely be trying more of their products in the future.




Rose hip oil

Pure, cold-press, Rosehip oil. This is one of those oils that everyone should own. Made from the rose hip fruit from the rose plant. Even on Oil/Combo skin, it isn’t too oily. One of its properties is that is t is known for reducing the appearance of scars and dark spots, so if  you suffer from dark spots this might be an option but I can’t speak on that since I haven’t seen any evidence of that on my skin, but I do like to use it as a serum at night. It leaves the skin hydrated and glowy in the morning. This one isn’t so hard to get a hold-off, I got mine in T.K.Maxx for £6.99,  and it’s one of those products that is likely to keep getting restocked, so anywhere that you see it for cheap -grab it.







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