Halloween Essentials for all Looks

Everyone who loves dressing up loves Halloween. But not everyone who loves Halloween loves dressing up. Some of us just want to look glamorous, if a little dark. Some of us find it hard to find a look which will suit us, either because of our skin colour (so many Halloween looks require white make up which some may want to avoid because it makes them look ashy) or simply because they aren’t into all the hassle of painting on individual scales or burn and bite marks – we just want to look glamorous and ghoulish. If you are one of these people, or even if you just need some help on where to start with your look, here are some makeup techniques and essentials that you have to own for this Halloween.

Smokey Eye

Smokey eye is one of those features that is a central part of almost every Halloween look in some form. Smokey eyes with dark plums, blues, greens, browns and black are especially popular at this time of years so be sure to own palettes like Sleek Enchanted Forest and Vintage romance to help you create these dark sultry eyes which will make your own look brighter. The ‘Fortune teller’ is a popular smokey eye look if you don’t want to go all out with the unnatural quirks like fake blood or scales. Just pair your sultry smokey eyes with big lashes and dark lips, and your good to go.




Even if you don’t do any eyeshadow you can’t really have a glamorous Halloween without glamour eyes, and you can’t have glamourous eyes without dramatic lashes. The best types of lashes for this festival year are, volumised, long and spiky lashes, like Eylure’s 157 for heavy looks. The other type of lashes which are good for Halloween are the fuller, longer and softer lashes, like Eyelure’s Gimme Gimme from their most wanted range or Gilded, a new addition to their Lux range, for looks that are meant to be more otherworldly, (think fairies, mermaids, galaxy queens).

Dark Lips

No matter what you do to your face, dark lips can save any look. Because they make your lips stand out, they take centre stage. So the perfect dark pout sets the look and if your wearing fangs or grills, all the better.

lip 2

If you are choosing to go with just glam, no gore, try branch out from the traditional red, beautiful as it always is, and try more unnatural colours, like greens, blues and purples, which you can get brands like NYX. It is also worth getting a metallic lipstick either to add an ombre effect to these colours or to ear on their own to a simple, but magical element your look.




There are some beautiful looks, like your classical clown, which are just plain without glitter. Why be a regular clown, when you can be a glitter-dusted clown? And adding these sparkles make looks like, extraterrestrial ones easier to create because they add more shine and depth to your night sky. Try Collections glitter liner and Barry M’s glitter dust pots to achieve this.

glitter 3.jpeg

These essentials will help you customize the Halloween look you’ve been thinking about and help you get into the seasonal mood even if you’re not dressing up. This will help you add more glamour than gore to your Samhain.


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