Review: Estee Lauder Water Fresh Foundation

My go-to foundation for everything from coverage, to endurance, to luminosity and matt texture, is Estee Lauder’s ‘Double Wear’. But with winter setting in I prefer a lighter weight foundation which is a little less matt, so that my skin doesn’t feel dry and heavy in the cold. So I decided to try Estee Lauder’s Water fresh foundation in the same colour as my double wear and see how I felt about it.

What it claims to give you:

“Real-skin flawless. Real protection. 24-hour staying power. Waterlight. This fluid, long-wear makeup feels like you have nothing on. Moves comfortably with your skin. Looks fresh, natural, healthy, even-toned. (….) Instantly and continuously hydrates, (…) In shades for all skin tones”

Colour: “In shades for all skin tones.”


I wear 2W Rattan in Double Wear. My immediate reaction when I saw it in the sample bottle and when I put a little bit onto my skin was – no its too light! But when you look at it against the double wear you realise the colours are the same but because it’s not dense it looks lighter. It also looks beautifully natural and dewy on the skin in the same way its double wear counterpart does.

estte lauder 3

Luminous: “Looks fresh, natural, healthy, even-toned”

Rating: 5/5

Very. It made my skin look healthy and glowy.

Texture: “Waterlight.”

Rating: 5/5

estee lauder 5

I did make a bit of mess getting it out of the bottle simply because it is so much thinner than I expected and runs alot quicker. But it is waterlight and silky, as promised, and feels really nice and almost refreshing on the skin.



Considering how light the formulae is, the coverage for this foundation is actually very good. I hadn’t expected much and I was pleasantly surprised.

estee lauder 6

Endurance: “Real protection. 24-hour staying power […] long-wear makeup”

Rating 2.5/5

This is where it starts to fall down. I wore it for eight hours without a single touch up to see how it would hold and the results were not good. The product had begun to separate in the creases, around my nose ring and around my chin area. Even the area’s that I had baked didn’t hold up too well. The only reason the eyes area held at all was because I was wearing my NARS soft matte cream concealer over it. And even then it had started to look worn and just a little cakey as the day went on.

As a last note about this foundation, it made my skin break out in a rash. I don’t if this is something which anyone else has found but I found after taking it off my skin was itchy and red all over. I was using green corrector everywhere for the next few days after trying it just ONCE for only a few hours.

Overall reaction:

Disappointed. This had started off as such promising product. The colour, texture and coverage were all perfect. But I don’t focus so much on coverage as I know I can compensate with my concealer, but I do focus on endurance. I’m constantly running around in and out of heat and cold, going from freezing to sweaty in minutes, no matter the weather or season and I’m always looking for foundations to help me stay looking put together while running around London. This just didn’t do that. Maybe I just loved the double wear too much and my expectations for this foundation were unrealistically high. But most of us will probably gravitate towards this range because we love the double wear and are expecting the same level of perfecton from its water fresh counter-part and it just can’t compete. And if you have sensitive skin, my advice to you is STAY AWAY FROM THIS FOUNDATION, lest you should end up with raw skin for a week.


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