Autumn Makeup Essentials

Autumn is a time of changing leaves, changing scents and a cooler breeze. So naturally, your makeup will change with it. And there are 5 essential things that you are going to need for this season.

A Good Moisturiser

As the months get colder you’ll need something more hydrating for daytime than you’ve probably been using over the last three months, especially if you suffer from dry skin, to stop your face from cracking, looking aged, and to stop your makeup dragging over your skin.

Liz Earl Review
Liz Ear Skin Repair Moisturiser



One of the great autumn trends this season is natural beauty. Part of doing this is through lipglosses. Less loud than lipstick, a great nude lipgloss can a make your lips look plumper and fuller and add a pretty shine to them. You can get a beautiful nude- pretty but not over the top for daytime wear or a high pigmented gloss, which will give you just as much colour as a lipstick without the drying effect, which is great for those cold nights which are known all too well for giving chapped lips.




Like lipgloss, the highlighter serves to enhance your natural beauty and bring out your features. It softens the look of matt makeup and enhances your natural skin colour by giving it healthy glow, which is important for the dull autumn months. But remember, to achieve that effect complimentary glow, go with colours that match your skin’s undertones.


Natural/Lighter pressed powder/foundation

You should always wear your foundation colour, no matter the season. But it is natural to become a little bit darker as the seasons change so it is worth having two colours, one natural, one only slightly darker to accommodate a summer tan. OR, if you don’t feel like buying another foundation, you may have a one darker and one natural coloured powder which will tint your foundation just a tiny bit. So come autumn winter get ready to buy/break out your lighter shade.

For good powders tint with try:

MAC: Very light coverage, but gives a very smooth and nice colour tint to lighten or darken your foundation in a range of shades.

Iman Pressed Powder: I really do prefer his powder to the MAC ones because it gives a bit more coverage than your average pressed powder and really helps you to achieve that flawless effect and gives you a really warm healthy tone.


All of these used together will give you that desired natural glow to brighten up your complexion and make you look radiant even against the dull Autumn winter environment.




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