Review: The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Glow mask

As you know I love masks. Especially detox masks because I love the idea of penetrating deep into the layers of my skin and getting rid of the deep seated toxins and nasties that cause spots on the surface and, excess sebum production and a dull complexion.

So I tried The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Glow mask.

Charcoal Mask
Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Mask

What it claims to do: Refine and revive your skin […].This invigorating charcoal face mask draws out impurities and refines the appearance of pores for healthy-looking skin with a glow that shows.

The consistency of it was a little off putting because of the lumps and shreds which I can only assume were green tea leaves. But at the same time, there is something very satisfying about the thick lumpy texture; it really makes you feel like it’s full of good stuff – which it is.

The active ingredients are Green Tea Leaves and Himalayan Bamboo Charcoal, your antioxidants and tea tree oil, your anti-bacterial.

The result is a mask which draws the toxins out from under the deep layers of the skin and zaps away spots. You can feel it working by the tingling sensation you feel when you first put it on and by the way it clings to the problem areas as you wipe it off.

You’re left with a clearer complexion and reduced spots. I usually pair it with a good moisturiser or a night mask or cream with pomegranate extracts for use afterwards. I use the mask once to twice a week to keep that clarity of skin.

All in all, despite it being a little pricey at £16, I’m quite pleased that I bought this one.


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