Review of the Liz Earl ‘Instant Boost Skin Tonic’ and ‘Skin Repair Moisturiser’

I’ve written quite a few review/how to posts using mainstream or basic drugstore brands, to speak to and for those who really don’t have, or would rather not use, the funds on expensive skin care.

But a few weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and buy some expensive products. Mys skin was a mess because of the transitioning weather and from using a certain, much raved about ‘Glow Tonic’ from M&S. My skin had broken out, and I didn’t know what to do. The first thing I did was switch from the Bodyshop’s ‘Tea Tree wash’ to the ‘Aloe Vera wash’ for a little while just to try and get the outbreak under control, but I needed more.

On a whim, I started browsing the Liz Earl counter in Boots. I knew I need natural ingredients that would really help my skin heal itself and calm down. Something that would clean my face but wouldn’t be too harsh of an astringent and I wanted a new moisturiser.

The Liz Earl ‘Instant Boost Skin Tonic’

Liz Earl Review
Liz Earl Skin Boosting Tonic


What jumped at me with the Liz Earl product were the ingredients. I know from experience when my skin reacts badly to something it needs Aloe. The first thing I saw with the Liz Earl products was the fact that they had loads of brilliant things in them, like Aloe, Calendula, Avacado, things that I knew my skin would react to really well.

True, the prices are not wallet friendly, but in a situation when your skin is extremely sensitive, be very careful with drugstore products. I stuck to the toner because I am happy with my Bodyshop wash and found that it was working fine- but also because it was the Glow Tonic toner which had gotten me into this situation, so I figured I needed another toner to get me out. I love my witch hazel toner. But I needed something that wasn’t going to dry my skin out too much or be too much of an astringent.

What I’ve found with the Liz Earl Combination/Oily skin toner is that it is very kind to my skin. I used it day and night whilst my skin was bad, now I alternate it between this toner and the Witch Hazel one. It really cools it down and gives it that fresh feel. Its gentle and doesn’t cause irritation and within days of using it, I found that the breakout that the tonic had caused was half way gone and my skin was smoother than it had been before I started using the tonic. I also found that my skin looked brighter and more radiant. Only a few days after using the tonic, I got so many compliments on my make. People were saying hey couldn’t put their finger on what I was doing differently, but I look better, prettier. And it was all because of this product.

Liz Earl ‘Skin Repair Moisturiser’


Liz Earl Review
Liz Ear Skin Repair Moisturiser

But the weather was still a bit cold so I needed more than the Aloe gel moisturiser. The problem is that when my skin is reacting to a particularly bad product for some reason it can’t cope with thick creams, it makes the skin itch, so the body shop Aloe day cream wasn’t working the way it normally did.

So- again- I bit the bullet and got the Liz Earl Skin Repair moisturiser, to see if it would actually repair my skin. It had the same ingredients as the toner + vitamin E, which makes it really good as a night cream, even though it isn’t specifically for night time. It smells a bit funny, but the results are brilliant. My skin feels so not only smoother but also so softer, and there isn’t that sticky oily residue that you get with most thick moisturising creams. I used it day and night whilst my skin was healing to speed up the process, but now I only use it as a night cream and have gone back to my Body shop cream for day-time use, just so that my skin doesn’ get to used to one product. But, personally, I think it works best as a night cream because of all of those good ingredients in it which will work on you skin overnight to produce that smooth effect in the morning. I can only say I am super pleased with my purchase and it was well worth the dent in my bank account. I will definitely be trying out more Liz Earl Products.

Sometimes, expensive really is better.



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