Eat well, Don’t Diet

The reason why most of us get so frustrated at not seeing gym result is because we don’t eat to maintain those result. Doing 20 minutes on the treadmill a week does not qualify as a good enough reason to sit in Morley’s with 10 chicken wings and box of chips – and I know because I’ve done it. If you’re going to gym right you need to eat right, that means eating clean, especially if you don’t gym as much would be ideal. But eating clean doesn’t need to be the stressful, miserable, or as strict as the internet makes out.

Don’t diet

The word diet implies a short-term and drastic change to a person’s eating habits. This short and drastic change often means that the results, whilst they might come fast and be beautiful, they don’t last because it hard to keep up fad diets which require ridiculous cuts, like only taking in liquids for a month. These fad diets might be good for losing loads of mass quickly but aren’t ideal for long-term results.

Don’t think of yourself as dieting.

Like I said before, dieting comes with all the implications of short-term dramatic success, so it’s not ideal. So a large part of eating well successfully is not calling your healthy eating ‘dieting’. The minute you tell yourself that your on a diet you start thinking of impossible to sustain cuts, like cutting out ‘ALL’ sugar or eating absolutely no meat, which in the long run could cause health problems but which you know, at the back of your mind, will always be temporary, so there’s more of a likelihood that you will relapse, because in your head it’s only a ‘diet’.

A way of life

The whole point of this article is to get you to think of your healthy eating as a way of life, rather than a diet. The moment it becomes a way of life you stop thinking of it as a chore and something stressful that you need to keep track of and keep an eye of. If you allow healthy eating to become a natural way of living it will be that much easier to carry on with your day happily, and easier to treat yourself to those once in a while treats without going off the rails.

The Best way to do this: Cut down on carbs.

Carbs will always be the one thing that makes you put on weight. They make you bloat, make you heavy and the excess gets stored. Start by gradually cutting down on heavy carbs like bread, cereal, pasta, rice, pastry, cakes, until you can have an entire meal without carbs, by then your body would have adjusted to not eating heavy carbs, so when you do have a ‘treat yourself day’ you won’t run the risk of over-indulging, because your body won’t need the carbs as much, and it will be easier to revert back to your healthy eating afterwards with fewer cravings.

no carbs

High Protein diets

For me I’ve found is that the best way to start healthy eating is to have a high protein diet. Protein is the best way to keep eating the bulk of what you want because, for most of us, protein is the main of our meals. So increasing the protein of your mains and decreasing, or cutting out your carb sides all-together, means you may come away feeling more satisfied, because you can eat more flavoursome food at a time, rather than tiny meals of bland veggies and tiny portions of boiled carbs.

Most of us don’t enjoy large amounts of green, so there is not point forcing yourself into eating entire plates of the stuff because that its just going to turn into a chore for you, but at the same time you need to cut down on your carbs, or better yet cut them out completely. For some people on Instagram and in the media, it may be easy to cut out carbs and eat small meals at the same time, but for a lot of NORMAL people, the hunger remains, so eating your normal amount of food with more protein, even if it means a little veggies is better than dieting. so if you get used to getting full off flavoursome protein you’re more likely to adjust to healthy eating.

More salads and soups.

Salads soups and are an under-rated healthy eating tactic, especially for lunch time snacking. Yes, there always a lot of emphasis on eating greens, but greens on their own aren’t nice and aren’t enjoyable. Soups and salads, with things like nuts, chicken, prawn, avocado or other sides in them tend to feel more hearty, so you come away feeling full, without the bloat of sandwiches and pasta dishes.


Flavoured water

Drinking loads of water is essential to losing weight. Not drinking enough water causes your body to retain water, to avoid dehydration. This water retention turns into water weighed, which can make you bloated and feel huge. and yes plain water is healthier and would be ideal, but more of us it’s easier to pick up a juice or a fizzy drink because water is boring. So drinking flavoured water is a great way to take in as much water as is necessary without feeling like your drinking water.


There are some flavoured waters you need to be wary of. Waters like VOLCANIC may be water but are 13% of your daily calorie intake per 1/4 of a litre or so. For water that crazy – and its defeats the purpose of drinking the water in the first place. The one I always recommend is Sainsbury’s/ Tesco’s own brand flavoured water – they’re cheap, only 45 pence a bottle and come in s wide variety of flavours with less than 1% of calories per 1/4 of a litre.

Eating sugar as and when you need it

Healthy eating is not about sugar deprivation. Your body needs sugar to stay alive. The problem is usually complicated sugar, like bread and pasta, because these take longer for your body to break down and therefore stay in your system longer.So if we think back to what I said about cutting down on those types of foods, that leaves you with a gap for simple sugars which your body needs for energy and which are easier for your body to break down. You can get that in small doses in your morning coffee or in small does like a small bite of chocolate after dinner – but the key word is SMALL. So no big slices of cake, and no three spoons of sugar – think one teaspoon of brown sugar and a bite of a cake. Your tastes buds will feel satisfied at having something sweet on its pallet and your body will get the small dose of sugar that it needs to function but not put on weight.


Listen to your cravings

For some, women in particular at certain times of the month the cravings for certain things are worse. Don’t feel bad about these and allow yourself to indulge a little at these times in order to keep up the healthy eating in the long run. It’s no use deny your body of what it wants if the craving is that badly. It’s only going to make you miserable, so if it means you break the rule EVERY ONCE AND A WHILE and have a piece of cake then, by all means, have a SMALL piece of cake before gym or before you know going gym, and work it of the next day and go back to to the little to no carb life. To make healthy eating a sustainable lifestyle and not a diet you have to feel happy about it, that’s only going to come with you giving your body what it wants in small doses and intervals – but it’s never going to come from deprivation.



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