Why Baking and Contouring could to be leaving us in 2017

Everyone keeps talking about ‘ what trends are we ditching in 2017’ and 2 which seem to be fast dying from ‘regular peoples’ make-up regime is contouring and baking.

Since make-up artistry has become a thing that anyone can achieve, people have become very used to seeing baking and contouring in tutorials. It is also this part I think most people see as the ‘artistry part’. But I think this is also the part that many people struggle with as an everyday thing.

Over Contouring:

I think for most this one is dying out mostly because it just takes too long. It is way too much effort to be trying to get the perfect small nose, and chiselled face every day with multiple colour sticks and a full ten minutes of blending, especially when you’re trying to get ready to leave the house in hurry.


I’m not saying contouring is dead. Not at all. Who doesn’t want a slim looking face? And for some the blending is necessary. For darker skin tones powder contour alone isn’t always enough so you need cream and powder. But it’s not fun anymore. For most its basic cheek and nose contour, but with the new-found trend of putting highlighter on your nose, has meant that even that isn’t necessary.


It is a shame that people are falling out of love with this one, because it goes hand in hand with contouring. It makes the highlighted areas brighter. No contouring, no baking.

This one is probably also going out because it’s time-consuming. Do you really want to be baking for ten minutes when you need to get places? Not fun.

From what I know from previous baking fails, and from what I’ve heard from customers, people can’t quite seem to get their baking to look like it does in tutorials. For them, baking doesn’t stop creasing or brighten the areas it touches.

But, seeing as we’re still using concealer under the eye, I think this one is worth keeping. The key is to use setting powders that have colour.


So avoid translucent powders and go for powders that have a solid colour to them. The Sacha Buttercup powder, the YSl setting powders, the Fashion Fair, Black Up, Dior Setting powders, it is all better than using translucent powder, because transluscnt powder is too transparent to brighten anything and can make your face look dull. It is for that reason that I had to move from Laura Mericer and M.A.C to YSL because I always came away with this ashy look no matter how long I baked for and I always creased. With this new solid white coloured powder, my under eyes last all day and my face looks alot more luminous.

Setting Powders
Laura Mercier and YSL setting powders

Plus you don’t really need to bake for 10 minutes. Bake for 5 it will be just as effective and it won’t settle into any crease. And remember you can use baking to highlight your contouring without using excess concealer and blending.


For me it is a miracle technique, is it always necessary? No.I’ll admit, but it is absolutely worth keeping this year!



Watch out for my next post on trends which we will be welcoming in 2017 😀







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