The Winter Berry

The cold winter months are usually the months when people decide to do darker colours to match the miserably dark weather and little sunlight. But when you want to do a slightly turn’t up look on a turndown day that usually translates to dark lips and softer eyes. But Berry can come in different shades, and because of the different interpretations of the colour it can be hard to find the right berry lipstick to match your skin tone and budget. But, as I’m sure have guessed, I am here to remedy that.

Type in ‘Berry lipstick’ into google and you get a range of different shades in different colours in from purples to red to pinks.

The Pink Berry

Berry Lipstick
Milani ‘Obsession’ + M.A.C ‘Tailored to Teese’

On darker skin tones it’s a beautiful pop of colour, on lighter skin tones it brings out the colour in the cheeks.

The expensive option:

  • Kat Von D: Bauhau5
Berry Lips
Kat Von D Bauhau5

Price: £16.00

The cheaper Options:

  • Milani: ‘Obession’
Berry Lips
Milani Obession


Price: £8.00

Available at: Beauty Bay / Beauty Base

Equally as good as good as the Huda Lipstick at half the price- my personal favourite            because the colour is so perfect.

  • Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matt Lipstick: Wine Down


Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matts: Wine Down


Price: £11

Available at: Beauty Bay

  • Fashion fair Lip Liner, Storm:

This is my dream colour. And not because I work at Fashion fair. This colour works                 with just about any berry toned lipstick and looks amazing with the lipsticks I’ve                     mentioned bove. The colour always bangs.

As the pink berry can be really bright avoid going for matching eyeshadows and keep the eyeshadow in neutral colours. You can go as heavy as you want, but try not to go as bright. Black lined eyes will always work with this. Especially for people with Green/Hazel  eyes, because pink is one of those colours that naturally brings out green– think about flowers and how the green leaves look against pink petals.

The Mid Purple Berry: The archetypal berry tone

Berry Lips
Gerard Cosmetics Plum Crazy

For most of us, when we think ‘berry’ this is probably the colour they think. Some cross between magenta pink and deep purple, the classic ‘autumn’ colour.

The expensive/ inaccessible option:

  • The Huda Beauty Matt lipstick: ‘Material Girl’
Berry Lips
Huda Beauty ‘Material Girl’

Price £18.00

One of the perfect products for this shade is products like because it gives you that                perfectly balanced and pigmented shade.

  • M.A.C: ‘Oh Lady’
Berry Lips
M.A.C Oh Lady

Price: £17.50

In some cases the more expensive options is sometimes the more expensive option               one of the best because the formulae is rich and not too loud and gives the lips a                     really nice full finish.

  • M.A.C : Odyssey


Berry Lips
M.A.C Odyssey

Price: £15.50

Available at: Any M.A.C store

Cheaper options:

  • Sleek ‘Velvet Slipper’


Price: £4.99

Available at: Superdrug

There was a point, in November when this was the only colour lipstick I’d wear, just               because it would go with everything and made my lips looks good. A good tenner                    cheaper than M.A.C as well – definitely worth it.

  • Gerard Cosmetics: Plum Crazy
Berry Lips
Gerard Cosmtics Plum Crazy

Price: £11

Available: Beauty Bay

  • Milani Metallic Matt Lipsticks: ‘Raving’


Berry Lips
Milani Amore Mattallics ‘Raving’

Price: £7.95

Available at: Beauty Bay/Beauty Base

Something a little different, just a little shimmer to the average berry look.

  • Gerard Cosmetics: Wine Down

Price: £11.

Available at: Beauty Bay

This typical berry brings out lighter coloured eyes really well. It works with all skin tone and for a day time look works best with warm muted eyes – so think nude matt eyeshadow,  in light brown smokey- if you put on eyeshadow at all, with dark lashes, no liner. For night time, go heavier, with dark smokey eyes, or gold lids. This colour also looks really beautiful with a heavier pink smokey eye, in matt, shimmer or glitter.

Use your lighter pink colour to transition, a dark plum in the crease, and then you can either a shimmering pink on the lid, or, glitter to make it that much more beautiful and then the darkness in the crease will balance out the lips.

But on darker skin this average berry look, can run the risk of looking nudish.

The Deep Purple/Burgundy berry

Berry Lips
Milani: Sugar

And for those who are looking more a more dramatic look, the deep purple and burgundy’s are what you want. Personally I prefer this shade of berry to the ‘aumtumn’ berry, because the unlike the the autumn berry which, says its just started getting a bit dark but there’s still enough light to look pretty, I feel like the winter berry says, ‘yes it’s dark – but I can make it hella sexy’.

With a shade as dark as this, on lighter skin tones, you don’t want to go heavy on the eye make-up at all, because your lips are the centre of the look this time, not an accessory to it. So maybe some soft eyeshadow, just to give to your eyes some depth, so some neutral matt browns and lashes, if you really can’t hack it you can put some soft gold on the lid– but try not to draw attention away from your lips.

But on darker skin tones, because the skin is so beautifully dark already, this colour doesn’t draw ALL the attention to the lips, so you can go a little heavier on the eyes. I really can’t stress just how beautiful this shade looks on black women. Where it can look harsh on lighter skin tones, on darker skin its just that perfect kick. In the same way pink brings out the blush in lighter tones, these darker berries bring out the blush in darker skin tones and works so well with plum cheeks and bright gold, pink or plum eyeshadow.

The more expensive/ inaccessible option:

  • Kat Von D: Exorcism
Berry Lips
Kat Von D Exorcisim


  • Dose: Berry Me
Berry Lips
Dose Berry Me


  • Colour Pop: Lax
Berry Lips
Colour Pop Lax

Price: $6.00

  • M.A.C: High Drama
Berry Lips
M.A.C High Drama


A colour this dark it might worth paying a bit more for the M.A.C one just because of all the M.A.C matt lipsticks are really hydrating and the applicator’s n the ‘Retro Matt’ range mean the darker shades go on smoothly without streaks and unevenness which other cheaper brands run the risk off.

Cheaper Brands:

  • Milani: Sugar
Berry Lips
Milani ‘Sugar’

Price: £8

Available at: Beauty Bay/ Beauty Base

  • Sleek: Vino Tino
Berry Lips
Sleek Matt Me ‘Vino Tino’

Price: £4.99

Available: Superdrug

  • Gerard Cosmetics: Ruby Slipper


Gerard Cosmetica: Ruby Slippers


Price: £11

Available: Beauty Bay

 The Red berry

Berry Lipsticks
L.A. Girl Secret

I think this is more a winter colour than any of the others – partly because of the Christmas new year celebrations in which everyone is confronted with at the beginning of winter. The cultural indoctrination of the idea of a ‘white’ Christmas automatically brings to mind the colour of red as holiday contrast.

With this colour, keep everything else classic. Yes, your lips are meant to draw attention, but they aren’t so dark that they need to be the centre attention.

Red lips look good on everyone. And the fuller your lips are – or the fuller you make them look- the better this colour will look. Pair it with either a natural smoky eye and long lashes, or matt eye definition, with winged liner and lashes for the ‘vixen’/ ‘siren’ look. From experience, I can say that this colour is also good for bringing out green eyes and bringing out the green in hazel eyes, but to be honest any eye colour will pop with red lipstick. If you want to enhance this, like the pink berry, add a thin line of green liner to your lower lash line. It won’t be obvious, but it will just subtly bring out the green tones in your eyes and make them look brighter.You will never look dull in red lipstick, especially if its deep berry toned red.

The relatively expensive option:

  • M.A.C:  Party Line
Berry Lips
M.A.C Party Line

Price: £15.50

This was the first red lipstick I ever bought purely because oof the orr berry tone it                 has than bright siren red. I love this colour, the only let down is that its cremesheen             texture not matt, so it doesn’t give you that full effect that matt lipstick does.

  • Kat Von D: Vampira
Berry Lips
Kat Von D Vampire

Price: £16.00

Cheaper Options:

  • Maybelline: Divine wine
Berry Lips
Maybelline Divine Wine

Price: £6.99


  • Sleek: Fired up
Berry Lips
Sleek Matte Me ‘ Fired Up’

Price: £4.99

A beautiful colour

  • L.A Girl: Secret
Berry Lips
L.A Girl Secret

Price: £4.99

OOOO, I love these lipsticks. They label them as High Pigment ‘Gloss’. It’s not a                     gloss. At all. But it goes on so smoothly and dries so softly without feeling like it’s                 going to chap, that I can understand why they have labelled it as that. This colour is              lit as well, which makes it all the better.

With the red colours there is a very fine line between the red and berry which you need to watch.  If the red is too bright it runs the risk of not being berry, so you want to keep it just dark enough with a hint of pink.

Light Purple Berry

Berry Lipsticks
L.A Girl dark purple liner and Stunner lipstick

Technically, all berries are purple, so even a wacky shade of purple is berry. And with the wave of matt lipsticks that have saturated the make-up scene in 2016, putting lips on the for front of your make-up look, sometimes it’s just nice to have wild lips and colourless but contoured cheeks and black volumised lashes. Working on a make-up counter has definitely taught me the value of wacky lips, -it’s not every day that I need to show up to work in turned up eyes. Some days you just can’t be bother with doing something hella loud with your face – especially if its 9.00 am on a Monday. But a good bright lip can turn your whole look up so effortlessly. And berries will always look good.

For these colours it’s always good to ombre the look with a lighter shade or a different shade that matches well to add more drama and character. Ombre lips look fuller as well.

The expensive option:

  • Kat Von D: Ayesha
Berry Lips
Kat Von D Ayesha Credit Temptalia

Price: £16.00

  • M.A.C: Heroin
Berry Lips
Credit: M.A.C Heroin

Price: £15.50

The Cheaper Option:

  • Gerard Cosmetics: Invasion
Berry Lips
Gerard Cosmetics: Invasion

Price: £11.00

  • L.A Girl: ‘Stunner’


Berry Lips
L.A Girl ‘Stunner’

Price: 4.99


For these colours, the lip liner is really important for that loud look. I like to pair mine with either Fashion Fair’s  dark blue, ‘twilight’ liner, or the Storm liner I spoke about earlier.

So really and truly you can’t not have at least one Berry lipstick in your collection. It’s one of those colours that really flatters every skin tone and can go with so many colours and looks beautiful night and day. It does half of the ‘turning up’ for you and just makes you’re life so much easier. But this is not my any means a full list of all berry lipsticks. There are loads of brands that I haven’t mentioned that some of you may think are wat better-these are just some of my favourites. You just need to find the ones that right for you lips, your look and your budget 🙂






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