Get your Game Face on

With the year coming to a close a lot of us will be thinking about fresh starts, with the gym being, as usual, at the top. Either you want to start gym for the new year or you want to perfect your gyming habits and whilst I’ve spoken  a bit about keeping up good habits at gym, I’ve decided to look at what I think growing to be a more wide spread ‘bad habit’ amongst female gym goers: wearing make-up.

A lot of women – myself included- feel just a tad bit of anxiety about leaving the house without make-up on or looking too much like they just rolled out of bed. And if your skin is less than stellar it will always be tempting to wear a bit of concealer or corrector to hide this. And, as working out and being fit becomes more fashionable, and with the help of Instagram, more and more women may feel the need to show themselves to be as put together at the gym as they are in other social settings – so as not to miss a beat and continue the insta-charade of perfection.

But I’m going to tell you why this is a TERRIBLE move entirely because of its effect on your work-out both mentally and physically.


The first and biggest reason for not gyming with make-up on is the negative effect that the combination of make-up and sweat has on the skin. When you work out- as is o be expected- you sweat. Sweating is your skins way of taking a deep exhale  of all of the toxins and dirt that have accumulated during the week. When you work out in make-up, you’re essentially placing a mask over your skin so, when it tries to exhale, all of the toxins come to the surface but can’t escape causing spots and rashes because the pores get clogged with dirt as they mix in with the make-up.


Wearing  make-up makes you feel good about yourself. And if you feel you started out looking perfect, very often you will want to continue looking perfect. No matter how well set your make-up there will always be a part of you that wants to keep it perfect and it’s hard to work out hard when you’re worried about your make-up slipping, sliding or smudging either by sweating or by coming into contact with something. The minute you start worrying about your appearance is the minute you sacrifice the quality of your workout, because you stop working out to the fullest of your ability and start doing only enough to keep your appearance looking perfect. The more you remember that you  are only looking as good as you ever will naturally look, with no embellishments or adornments, the less you’ll worry about how you’re going to look after sweating and jumping about for hours.

gym without make up
Focus on your own work out

Really you shouldn’t be wearing make-up whilst working out at all, but if you are going to wear it keep it to a minimum: eyebrows are perfectly fine, a little concealer under the eyes is fine, even a little pimple covering, but I really wouldn’t wear a full face of foundation, contour and powder.  And remember anyone that you feel you need to look attractive or prove a  point to IS NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU. If they are really working out –THEY ARE MINDING THEIR OWN WORKOUT, so you should mind yours and forget about what people think of your appearance at the gym: you’re going there to improve the way you look outside of the gym and that’s what matters.  So if looking banging on a Saturday means risking looking a little shabby for 2 hours at the gym – I think its justified.


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