Best 3 Setting Sprays for Combo/Oily skin

Best 3 Setting Sprays for Combo/Oily skin

Setting your make-up is the final step in your makeup regime and the most important. No matter how good a primer you wear, or how oil-less your products are, if they aren’t set correctly the air and the oils of your skin will eventually begin to melt away  all of your hard work. But there are a few setting sprays out there, how do you choose which one to go with?

As someone with combination skin that’s more on the oily side, finding a good setting spray was so important to me. I tried loads of different ones and came up with 3 that are perfect for skin that needs to stay impregnable.

  1. Mac Prep+Prime Fix + : During makeup application and before
Setting Sprays
M.A.C Prep + Prime Setting Spray

This setting spray is difficult to place. For some, the Mac Prep + Prime range is the best thing since sliced bread and it sets their makeup perfectly all day. But, personally, I think that the prep + prime range is only for people with drier skin. It was made to give you that so talked about ‘dewy’ look which, for a lot of people, works to make them look really beautiful and glowy. For others, it just comes off as sweaty, which is can also be said for the Prep + Prime setting powder. If you know you have oily skin don’t bother attempting this  glowy look and don’t bother looking at the Prep and Prime range for a setting spray. But what you can do is take what it says on the bottle literally and look at it like a ‘fixing’ spray. Even though it’s not brilliant for setting your make up the fixing spray is good for making makeup look seamless by ‘fixing’ it all together. Give your brush or sponge about 2-3 sprays before using it to apply your product. It may not make your make-up look matt, but it is still made to make your makeup stay in some respect.And because it is meant to be dewy, the formula of the fixing spray is thinner and seamlessly combines itself with your product, both to thicken it, so you on my only need a bit of foundation / concealer to blend everything properly.

  1. Urban Decay ‘All Nighter‘: Just after Makeup Application
Setting Spray
Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

When I first went looking for a setting spray the Urban Decay ones were the ones everyone was raving about. And as someone with oily/oilier skin you’d assume that the one which would work the best would be the ‘de-slick’ spray. It’s not. The de-slick spray is a little too weak. Yes, it keeps your makeup on for a few hours, but it doesn’t keep oil at bay, and the mattifying effects are really minor. What I would recommend is the All Nighter, because it really does what it says and keeps your makeup on all day, with only a need for few touch-ups, and it doesn’t slide off and can be kept on for hours.


  1. Lo’real : ‘Infallible‘ fixing spray
Setting Spray
Lo’real Infalliable Fixing Spray

There has never been anything more correct that the packaging of this spray. It is INFALLIABLE. It does not move AT ALL and is absolutely brilliant even for the oiliest of skins. The reason being that this spray is more of a liquidated solid – a powder in spray form, so you’re not just setting your make-up with liquid, you’re setting it with a powder that set everything. I bought this one as a fluke on my way to work, because I’d forgotten to spray my face that morning with my Urban Decay all nighter – and I was very pleasantly surprised. My make-up stayed perfect for 10 hours and I didn’t have to touch it up ONCE.  I’ve taken a flight from Dubai to Melbourne (that is 15 hours) and I only had to re-touch my face about 3 times). Obviously you’ll need to give allowances for days when you’re extra sweaty, but otherwise, there is  hardly any oil build up, and even when you sweat – you really need to sweat a hell of a lot to ruin your makeup. The only thing I will warn is do not over spray – because it’s powder it can dry your face out very quickly, so just spray enough to get perfect results, and SHAKE THE BOTTLE WELL BEFORE USE. This spray is flawless – and so underappreciated I feel. I’m not the type of person to rave to my friends about products but I was talking about this one for a month. It is THAT good.

But if you really want flawlessly set make-up I would recommend  using all three together. The Mac Prep + Prime to stitch your make up together, the Urban Decay All Nighter to set it initially and give it just enough room to breath and to produce just a little bit of oil, (only if you want. Personally I think just a little bit of oil is good for a natural look, especially during the day time) and then the Lo’real Infallible spray to solidify everything (literally) exactly as you see it in the mirror. Do it like that, and your make up with be stable from start to finish, 12 hours straight, if not more.


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