Shopping list for the oily and combination skinned girl, Pt 3: Masks

I feel like all skin types should have at least one exfoliating mask, especially if you’re not big on exfoliating washes as an everyday thing. Like the washes, the masks get rid of all of the dead skin cells and really get down to getting rid of the nasty first layer of your skin.

The Exfoliating mask

The one I use is the Bodyshop Blue Corn mask, which is good because you can feel it working on your skin and scrubbing away all of the week’s dirt.

The Body Shop Blue Corn Mask

The Anti-bacterial masks

Another type of mask which I would recommend, for all oily skinned people in general, is an anti-bacterial mask because, as I’ve already mentioned, oily skin is more prone to getting spots from  an excessive build up of dirt. One recommendation for this is the Lo’real Purity mask which has eucalyptus in it, which can work in the same way as tea tree, in that it cleanses and tighten the pores of the skin. I bought this one mostly because on that day my skin was suffering, from lack of sleep and being in new environments and I really needed to give it something to cleanse it properly without scrubbing it or detoxifying it. And picking this one was a good shout. The day after using it the spots which I had so hated were gone. So I would recommend it.

Another one I would recommend is Al-Junaina’s Tea Tree and Lemon mask, especially for sensitive skin. It is so gentle and lightweight. Being from Al-Junaina, it is obviously simple, with barely anything in it. But don’t be fooled by how lightweight it is. Because of its two star ingredients, this one has more anti-bacterial properties than some masks, so if you have EXTRA oily skin, sensitive or not,get this is. And, again, I know this because I had a not-so-nice spot on my face when I used it for the first time, the next day -gone. So I really would recommend it and it’s £5 too, versus Lo’real’s £7.99

The Detoxifying mask

And lastly: detoxing. Your skin has layers. And where most products clean off the surface of the skin – to ensure all of bacteria and grease from your diet and surroundings is removed from beneath the skin in, you need a detoxifying mask.

If you have oily skin the Body Shop’s seaweed purification clay mask is really good, and I would recommend this for people with acne and just overall really bad skin.

But if your skin is combination skin, oily, but not soaking, DO NOT use this because it strips your skin of too many natural oils and can cause dry peeling skin and a rash – I know this from a very unpleasant experience over the summer- not fun.

What I would recommend is the Lo’real detoxifying Charcol mud mask. It BANGS. It really gets into your pores and sucks out all of the nasties underneath the skin and leaves your skin noticeably smoother. Plus, over the next 2/3 days after using the mask, you will notice that the little spots of dirt (not pimples) that you probably already had (everyone does, it doesn’t mean you’re dirty its just oil build up that needs to be squeezed out every few days or else you get blackheads) will start to pop up more prominently around the area that got the most attention from the mask – THIS IS A GOOD THING. It means that the charcoal is detoxing the deeper layers of your skin and bringing up dirt that has been sitting there for tiiiiimmmeee, so it is well worth having if you’re on a budget and can’t make a charcoal mask for yourself.


But, as I think I’ve proven, combination skin is delicate. It can range from an oily- combination, to a regular combination, which is on the drier side, and for that reason you need to treat it with respect.  And remember, especially if you have combination skin, your skin might need different things in different places – so just because the T-ZONE might be very oily, doesn’t mean the rest of your face will also be oily. There have been days when I’ve broken out in spots and my skin feels dirty but the skin of my jawline is dry. In situations like this, whilst it might be tempting to scrub, purify or detoxify everything  it usually isn’t. You can multi-task, there will be days when you need to treat your skin with tea tree oil in the t-zone but need to moisturise your forehead – it’s ok, you can do both. Just make sure you’re giving your skin the respect it deserves. There are a lot of assumptions that people make about what is good for their skin. This is a guideline to start you off  on the right track of trying new products and paying attention to common ingredient to help your skin in the way that only you know how.




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