washes and exfoliators

Shopping list for the oily-combination skinned girl, Pt 1: Washes and Exfoliators

The combination skinned creature is a funny one. Not too oily, not too dry it would seem that they straddle the balanced line of perfect skin, perfectly. But it doesn’t come easy, especially when you’re on the oilier side of combination – and yet, still only combination.

Yes, being combo skinned does mean you are free to use most types of products on your skin with no ill effects,  but what a lot of people do, and I know I most definitely have been guilty of it –  is assume that their skin is one extreme or the other, either dry or oily, and then use products strictly for those skin types. You can’t do that.

Combination skin is the perfect skin type – but it won’t stay that way if you keep treating it as if it is dry skin or – more commonly –as if you have very oily skin which needs to be dried out.

But walking into Superdrug, boots, lush, neals yards can all be very daunting when you don’t really know what’s good for your skin – so here is your shopping list to get you started on the right path towards the right type of products, once you’re used to them, and you understand how your skin type functions individually, and what ingredients it reacts well to, you can alter the shopping list based on personal preference.

The facial wash

Used every morning, and, if you don’t wear make-up every night. If you do wear makeup  I’d advise you to use it again later on  as part of your make-up removal routine.

The thing about oily/combination skin is that it can get spotty very quickly because the oil builds up and clogs your pores with dirt and bacteria, so what you want to do is ensure that you’re washing with a light astringent to get rid of excess bacteria and tighten pores.

The next few posts in the series are going to mention the Bodyshop ‘seaweed’ range a lot because that range was made specifically  oily skin. The seaweed facial wash is good to clear all of that clogged oil built up overnight or over the course of the day and gentle gel texture means it’s lathers easily and cleans deeply without aggravating the skin. But I will warn you now, though this range is made for oily and combination skin, but it is for the VERY oily skinned. If you have combination skin which tends towards the drier side of oily, I wouldn’t recommend that you use ALL of these products, as some of them will be too harsh and dry out your skin too much – test them out, some will agree with you more than others.

washes and scrubs
The Body Shop Seaweed Range

I’ve already mentioned in my older post “3 of nature’s secrets to smooth skin” that tea tree oil is a banging anti-bacterial, and – always true to my word- I really like the body shop tea tree range. They have loads of sticks and scrubs which are really good for all skin types, but I think it is especially oily-combination skin types to own a tea tree wash, because oily skin is more prone to spotting, so tea tree wash is good for getting rid, of excess, dirt, oil, bacteria, and make up really well.

washes and scrubs
The Body Shop Tea Tree Foam Cleanser

BUT because this stuff is really gentle on the skin, I’d only recommend it be used in the morning, when the face is already relatively clean, or at the end of a make-up free day.

If you want to really get in there and get rid of dead skin and all deep set dirt, you’re going to need an exfoliator.


Exfoliators really aren’t something you want to leave out of your skin routine.  If you’re worried about getting rid of dead skin and revealing new skin, and you’re on a budget, the Superdrug tea tree exfoliating scrub is good for what it’s worth and does leave your skin clean.

washes and scrubs
Superdrug Tea Tree Exfoliating Wash

But if your skin leans more towards the oily side and that’s a real concern for you, body shops seaweed scrub bangs for just that.

washes and scrubs
The Body Shop Seaweed Scrub

It is a little harsh because of the micro-beads, so I  only use it as the final step in my cleansing routine on days where I have been wearing make-up.

If you want something gentler, the ONSEN exfoliator, or ones that are similar are really good because they just gently peel all of the dead skin cells, there are always kiosks for this in Westfield, so if you decide to stop for them one day it is worth trying it.

washes and scrubs
Onsen Daily Exfoliator

But, as usual, it is easy to get carried away wth these if you have oily/combination skin, especially, because you think  “well my skin is overly oily and dirty so I need to scrub it every day and every night” –  NOT THE CASE.  I know it’s very tempting to scrub every day because it feels cleaner, but the skin is still skin, no matter how oily it is, it can still get dried out, torn and damaged and begin to strip, especially if it’s a beaded scrub, so go easy on the scrubbing.

But now your face is clean the next step is, toning. Watch this space for the next segment  ‘Toners and Moisturisers’ 🙂


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