10 best affordable shimmers to your shine

Some women see highlighter as something  used only for a special occasion –then there are women like me who will wear it all the time.

Not only is it beautiful and shimmering, it adds a gorgeous glow to your face which can compliment your eye’s, your bone structure, your eyeshadow and, just like your eyeshadow, the colour of clothing you’re wearing that day. It also works with your corrector and concealer to  brighten dark areas, like the corners of your eyes  even more and gives the appearance of a strobe effect.

And it is a myth that you need to know how to contour to use highlighter correctly. I have never contoured before and I can still use highlighter pretty well.

But it does matter what type of highlighters you use. If you’re wearing highlighter on a regular basis, with more natural make-up, you need to bear in mind that not all colours suit all skin tones and not all highlighters are appropriate for what you want. Personally, as someone who loves make-up more than air, I have drawn up a list of highlighters that every average lover of make-up should be aware of.

M.A.C Eyeshadows

Can be found at: Any MAC  store

Price: £13/16, depending on which range you buy.

I’m aware that these arn’t highlighters. But they sparkle , and the range of colours means that there is a colour for every shade, as is typical of MAC – they’re all for diversity.

Ready to party and Natural flirt, just to name a few, are beautiful as cheekbone highlighters for lighter tones and others like Oh My Mocha, are better for the darker tones. What’s also really brilliant about using an Eyeshadow as a highlighters is : 1) they come in more colours so if you’re doing costume or loud make-up,  for Halloween or a runway show they give you more options, instead of the limited colours which standards highlighters tend to come in, and 2) if your one of those of people who like hella colour and pigment in your sparkle, then eyeshadows can do more for you in that department.

M.A.C Natural Flirt

Sleek, Solstice pallet


Found at: Superdrug

Price: £9.99

This pallet is really pretty for summer shows u brighter on darker complexions. All bright pastel colours and shimmering pinks and yellows, perfect for sunny days, warm summer breezes and light airy clothing.t But bear in mind, as you can see from the pictures, though the colours are more vibrant on darker skin tones, they do slyly all come out looking the same. So if you have darker skin and like bright colours, with variation, maybe not this one.

Sleek, Precious metals Pallet

Found at: Superdrug

Price: £9.99

Just as beautiful as the Solstice  pallet but a little bit more universal. That’s not to say that the Solstice Pallet can’t be used by lighter complexions, but it does favour the darker ones. This pallet, with its softer golds and silvers, is better for lighter skin tones because it’s less over-powering and can be used in all seasons, any time of day by all.

Revolution Golden lights


Available at: Superdrug

Price: £3

The entire highlighter line is hella affordable. This highlighter is so amazing and its the one I use EVERY DAY for EVERYTHING – unless my clothes that day demand something entirely different. The pigmentation is a just a little bit higher than the Sleek pallets but not too high and the old tone is just beautiful. Not too bronzy, not too silverfish and not too yellow, with just enough of a glittery look give you make-up and extra bang for day and night. You can use it on your cheekbones, your brow bone, your  nose, the bow of your lips, the inner corners of your eyes  and  the outer corners, really good for bringing out green and hazel eyes. Everything about it just bangs.

Revolution pink lights


Available at: Superdrug

Price: £3

Basically the same as its gold counterpart, really beautiful. For me personally, because of my skin colour and tone, (I wear M.A.C NC25 and Bobbie Brown Natural), I find that it’s too much to put it on my cheek bones, because it’s TOO pigmented  and makes me look like a clown, – but I find it’s a colour that looks really beautiful on darker skin tones and colours. What I will do though is wear it as an eyeshadow in the inner and outer corners of my eyes to match my clothes or my lipstick.

Revolution Rose Gold Lights


Available at: Superdrug

Price: £3

Like its sister highlighters, it’s beautiful. I can’t lie, I mainly bought this one because the colour was so different and I was intrigued, but it is actually gorgeous. You also have to remember that highlighters are not just for the cheekbones, and some may work better on one part of the face the other. This highlighter, in particular, looks really nice with red lipstick, and around the eye area, on days when you don’t feel like wearing gold, it is also really pretty on dark complexions.

MUA Undress Your Skin, Pink shimmer


Found at: Superdrug

Price: £3

Beautifully soft is the only word I can use to describe this one. It’s got a high pigment, but because  it rose gold it’s not too immediately over-powering and has more of silverfish pink tone to it that the Revolutions Pink Lights. I wear this one on days when I’ not doing anything too fun, like work, because it adds shimmer without being too loud, but himmers just enough to add to the overall look of your make-up.

M.A.C Vibe Tribe


Can be found at: M.A.C (or ebay now seeing as they have sold out in most MAC’s)

Price: RRP £16

Woooow. That’s really all that can be said. It’s just so pretty, and because it’s crème based rather than powder the pigment stays perfectly. Just be careful when applying cream based highlighters, because brushes don’t pick it up the pigment as well as they would if it was a powder, so you have to use a sponge. You can use the bog standard triangle sponges from Superdrug or M.A.C to apply it and yes it will look very pretty but you do run the risk of applying it too straight  and making it look a little like costume make-up, and very unnatural, so if you do apply it this way just gently sweep it over the highlighted area with a clean fan brush afterwards to take away any excess and disperse the pigment and make it look more seamless and natural.

MUA Iridescent Gold:

Available at: Superdrug

Price: £3

Really beautiful, with a price and availability to match. Similar to the Revolutions baked pallet, and equally as gold, so it can be worn in all of the same places, cheek bones, inner and outer corners of the eye and nose. The difference is that the MUA pallet is REALLY pigmented., like its is really glittery, and for that reason, as banging as it is – I feel  like this pallet should be reserved for the night wear or special occasions only.

KIKO, Cream Radiance


Available at: Kiko

Price: £6 – £12

The best for last.  This is the first highlighter I purchased and it’s what got me hooked. The gold colour I really pretty for all skin tones, particularly those with a yellow / olivish tint to their skin. What’s so great about this highlighter, in particular, is that it’s pigmented, but it’s not over the top, but, at the same time, it’s not so subtle that all it does is highlight your bronzer. And to add to all of this it’s a solid gold, no silverfish undertones, which is why I love it for all hours of the day.

The only negative is that it’s crème texture. So, as mentioned before with the Yellow Topaz, be careful when applying this one.

Tip for applying highlighter:

Apply the powder highlighters with a fan brush or a stipple face brush contouring for the best results and the creamer ones with a triangle sponge, so that you don’t lose any colour

Highlight based on your skin tone and face shape, not everyone can highlight their cheekbones,  and definitely not always in the same way. Some like it lower, some like it higher –  decide which ways are best for you.

Highlight everything. Nose, cheekbones, the bow of your lips, your lips – it all adds up.

If you accidentally put on too much on too much highlighter and you begin to look a little like the sun, just pat a bit of translucent powder on it to dim some of the brightness.

Other good Highlighters

Sleek contour kit and Lo’real Bronzer pallet : they just add a little bit of sparkle and are good for days where you need to look fresh-faced, because they aren’t that loud.

But don’t be afraid to try something different. If you’re used to using golds try some pinks. Or if you have a costume party coming up (Halloween is just around the corner), go crazy and use colours which match your outfit rather than colours your comfortable with, like some blues or oranges-  highlighters are just that – highlighters, they don’t have to conform to a certain colour type, they just have to highlight your angles, that can be in any colour. So go forth and sparkle!


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