Gyming for the Faint Hearted

Everyone one wants to be slim. Everyone wants to be able to take the perfect gym selfie and just say “YES. I’ AM A SPICE”

But we all know that that is easier said than done. Life, health requirements and that time of the month, get in the way of gym sessions and diets  it is not easy to get super fit, with a super flat, tummy, a perfect bum and perfect arms. Just the idea of even attempting to achieve that is daunting enough to keep you at home with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s,  absorbed in self-pity. But there steps to starting the journey on the way to your perfect body (or at least as close to it as it as is healthy and realistic), that are easily maintain.

Gym sessions: Keep em consistent

The key to keeping gym sessions it to keep them consistent. It can’t just be a ‘when you’re free and in the mood’ type of thing.  If that were always the case, you would hardly ever go to the gym.

Set aside some time for gym either in the morning or in the evening  and stick to it. Whether it is once a week, twice, a week, three times a week, or more , make it consistent.

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Quantity: Go regularly.

No matter how hard you work out, a gym session once a week is just not enough. I do realise that sometimes things happen that mean you were not able to make it to the gym  more than once and that’s fine as a one off – but don’t make it  a habit. If you miss your regular gym day, make up for it on another day.

Quality: Space out your workouts

The gym is boring. Its as simple as that and even the most dedicated of people will tell you that,  so try mix it up a bit. This partly why it’s so important to do more than once gym session a week because it is very difficult to work every part of your body for maximum an hour  every week and still allow for rest days if you only do once a week. If you do two days a week, designate one day to legs and cardio, and the other to the upper body, abs and cardio. If you do three days, give one day to lower, the there to upper, and the other to cardio and abs or maybe double up on lower/ upper body and leave the third for whatever is left over, but whatever you do you need to vary it- even if ts just by upping the weight a bit. The quicker your body  gets used to an exercise the sooner it will stop being affected by it.


Understand your body

DO NOT push your body past what you can bear- yes you should always push yourself to the limit, but KNOW your limits. If you feel like our going break something: STOP. And try everything once. Just because an exercise is good for the type of body shape you want doesn’t mean it is right for you- there will be multiple exercises that work the same muscles, try them all and pick the one which your body is telling you it benefits most from but is also the most enjoyable

Know what you want to look like

It is important to know the type of figure you want and gear your workouts towards that. If you just want to be slim, lots of cardio will do. If you want to  smaller or firmer breasts, focus on chests exercises, with weights, if you want a bigger bum, leg exercises with weights, even ab muscles benefit from being weighted – basically weights bangs for almost anything and every exercise can be more effective with weights – don’t knock em till you try em.1540x1100-header-block1

Get the right equipment

I know this sounds really trivial and naive , but at the end of the day, the truth is we love using pretty new things –  You will be more motivated to work out if you have pretty gym gear ; a new sports bra, a new pair of tracksuit or legging, new trainers (that always gets me) even a new gym bottles (I bought two of the Victoria Secret PINK selection of gym bottles and I am always drinking water now because I love them THAT much). So spruce up your gym wardrobe and get something that motivates you. If you put on your gym gear and look in the mirror and you don’t think “yes I am fine. YES I’m finna run, jump, squat, to keep looking fine”, then you need to go out and buy some new motivation.unnamed (1)


Work out for  you

It is your body- it is your life, it’s your health, workout to look how you want to look, don’t do it for anyone else – they aren’t the ones who will have to live with the results – you are.






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