Truths and Myths about the Latex corset

In the last few years, there has been this craze over the latex corset which many celebs have been rocking, the Kardashians to name a few and vouching for the way it makes you lose weight.

Now, as a woman who has never been super-thin, I have always been on the waist training, body shaping bandwagon. I had even been wearing Victorian steal boned corset before the latex one came out, so naturally, when it the latex one came out I jumped on that bandwagon as well.

But many people don’t actually stop to consider what they’re wearing before they put it on they simply take the celebs testimonies as fact. I want to disprove some myths about the latex corset.

It’s unsafe

A lot of people hear the word corset and immediately think of the Victorian waist training corset, which are really hardcore and permanently change your body shape by pushing  in your free ribs which are the last set 9of ribs at the bottom of your diaphragm, and creating the perfect, (but also unnatural) hour glass achieved by a lot of tightlacers like Dita Von Teese. THE TIGHT LACING CORSET IS NOT THE SAME AS THE LATEX CORSET. So the latex corset is actually a lot safer than the tight lacing corset because it does not permanently alter your body shape and does out disfigure the bones, or permanently alter posture.




How does it work then? I hear you ask. If you go on any website that sells famous latex corset brand like Ann Cherry, the fine print always states – for best results a good diet and regular exercise are advised. Obviously, a lot of women want instant results and ignore this fine print. But there is a reason for it.

Known truths about the latex corset

  • It will give you a banging shape instantly underneath your clothing
  • It will HELP you lose weight.

The first known truth is not a permanent effect – the minute you take your corset off you will go back to the pre-corset figure. Plus you can’t really wear super that clothing over your corset because all of the closures will be visible underneath it which is a bit embarrassing.

The second fact: It will help you lose weight. This one is tricky. The truth – It will. BUT NOT IN TERM OF MASS. The latex corset works by making you sweat (that also makes it really nasty to wear  o regular days because are a few hours you’ll be sweating like a pig- not attractive at all). Because of this, it helps bring out ab muscles by squeezing out the water weight, which what make you feel bloated and heavy, so obviously,  it will get rid of that weight caused by the excess water, making you lighter.


Because of this that a lot of celebs vouch for wearing this corset at the gym because it will accelerate the loss of water weight by making you sweat a hella of a lot more.


There is a reason why the corset sites always say, that the best results are achieved by  going to the gym regularly and by maintaining a healthy diet because  WATER WEIGHT IS NOT MASS. You will not lose fat by wearing this corset. No matter how long you wear it for, the only way to that is by going to the gym and eating well.


So yes you can wear it for eight hours, yes you can wear it all night and all day, you can sweat in it like a  pig, and still be safe, but at the end of the day it will be visible under clothing, it will make you sweat horribly in public, the results are far from permanent, and it WILL NOT leave you looking like Kim Kardashian if you’re not genetically made up that way.

So if you only want to lose water weight and don’t mind it be obvious that you’re wearing it, or want to sweat more at gym – the latex corset is brilliant. But of you actually want to lose excess body mass,  permanently alter the curvature of your waist, or just want to be comfortable whilst your out and about, the latex corset is not ideal


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