3 of nature’s secrets for smooth skin

There are many things that can cause skin to look bad. Some people have naturally sensitive skin and have to be super, super careful and particular about they put on their face. For others, skin irritation, spots,texture change or dullness can come from a change in environment, stress, change in ph, change of products, using products too often, change in environmental temperature, acne or. allergies

On a recent trip to Dubai, and after a very stressful few weeks of work, my skin broke out in this horrible rash-probably from stress and from heat combined. I tried the good ol’ Sudocream, and to my shock, my tried and trusted only made the rash worse. So I turned to my organic safe havens that I always turn to in a skin care crisis.

Tea Tree Oil

Mixed with a bit of water, Tea tree oil is  really fantastic anti-bacterial for your skin really good for rashes because it cools the skin down to sooth irritation and its anti-bacterial properties help eliminate spots and the oily nasties under the skin which create them.


tea tree

One of the ways it does this is by tightening the pores of the skin so making way for less excess oil to come out to clear the skin – for this reason it can also be used wonderfully as a toner, either by mixing it yourself or – if you prefer a milder mixture but don’t trust yourself to mix it-Lush do a 100 g and a 250g of tea tree water, with a hint of grapefruit and juneberry which, if you’re interested, is also brilliant for disinfecting piercings : )



Aleo vera gel

Aleo vera is one of those miracle products. Holland and Barret’s Dr.Organics brand is the one I use and I find really good because it’s kind to your skin and is one of the few products you can continue to use on it whilst it is irritated . The aloe soothes the irritation and cools down overly sensitive and irritated skin. The gel formulae is also light in texture, so it can be used as a light moisturizer for oily or acne prone skin, to moisturize without over clogging the pores and –because of this light texture- it’s also great as a light moisturizer for use in hot weather or just underneath your make-u both as a moisturizer and a primer!




I had always been taught by my mum that lemon was always brilliant for the skin, and when the skin is in crisis it is especially good – so I’ve been putting it on my skin since I was about twelve. Now I wouldn’t recommend this if what you have is eczema-if that’s the case you want to go to the pharmacy and get a clinical ointment, but if all you have is bog standard skin irritation from any of the external factors I mentioned earlier, mixing some fresh lemon juice with a bit of water (start with about half and half and see how your skin feels-I usually advise that if it doesn’t sting just a little then you need a bit more lemon) and rubbing that on your skin with a piece of cotton wool consecutively for three days,(it can be four – but no more than that, otherwise you’ll dry out your skin). y. The lemon’s natural anti-bacterial properties will get rid of acne, spots and rashes and the citric acid acts as a mild skin peel, exfoliating the skin and leaving it smooth. For the best result apply the lemon juice to the skin before bed and feel how smooth your skin is in the  morning.

Lemon juice is also a natural form of MILD bleach- we know this from historical accounts of people putting lemon juice on clothing or in their hair to get them lighter. Whilst I will never condone skin bleaching (everyone’s skin colour is beautiful and darker skin is just as beautiful then fairer) I do acknowledge that the skin of your average person goes through a lot – from lack of sleep,  to feeling the effects of stress, bouts of ill health, heavy alcohol consumption and smoking- all of which can dull the colouring of the skin and make you look constantly tired and ill- so diluted lemon juice is an easy and safe way to gently lighten the skin to make it look more vibrant and alive, as well as lightening any scarring caused by acne, cuts, surgery, or waxing.


Nature has the solution to everything, especially the basics – you just need to know what to look for and know what your skin needs 🙂


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